Crowd Sourced Solutions to Debt!

100% repayment at 0% interest

Student Jubilee is taking on the $1 trillion+ education debt
We will solve the student loan crisis by combining the power of fintech with the reach of global collaborative networks.

Building the Vision

We will change your world

The education debt crisis is crippling the economy . An entire generation will spend decades paying money to banks rather than buying houses, starting business, or taking their kids on that dream vacation We will solve the student loan crisis by combining the power of fintech with the reach of global collaborative networks

Student Jubilee is all about bold new thinking

We will turn your debt, your biggest burden, into your biggest asset

Members pay small amounts regularly into a network of like-minded folks. Saving together allows the network to "buy back debt" of members so it can be repaid interest-free. Once the network pays a member's bank loan, the member begins repaying the network over time at 0% interest!.

How much does a Bank take?

We are all in together

Building an online borderless collaboration of graduates and their personal networks. We are saving together and crowd-sourcing funds in order to zero out your school loans

About Student Jubilee

We are a fintech startup. We are proudly a social enterprise!
We are not a bank, not a government institution.
We keep our expenses low and pass the saving on to our members. In our network, people will be making and saving money, but the core mission is a social one. We are doing this to change money not make money.

How does it work?

Members make small regular contributions. Saving together allows our network to accumulate funds to "buy” members’ debt. Members then will pay us back instead of thebank. All payments to the network will be at 0% interest so the payback will be faster and cheaper (sometimes half the overall cost). The more you save the faster it works.

Is it safe?

The money is kept in a network of social banks. These banks have been more stable than the finance industry as a whole. In other words, your money is most likely safer with us than with your current corporate banks.

What’s the price?

One week of yearly contributions will go to cover our expenses. While funds accumulate bigger member loans can securitized and sold to the crowd. This “cuts out the middleman”. In other words, members will pay directly to our crowd of investors instead of the bank. Student Jubilee will take 1% of these transactions to cover expenses.

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